Terry Allen

Terry Allen in collaboration with Douglas Kent Hall<br /><em>Nuestra Senora de las Golondrinas (Amen)</em>  1991<br />four-color lithograph with collage, ed: 16/20<br />30" x 39"<br />TA 58
Terry Allen<br /><em>Shakin' in the House-of-Things-That Count</em>  1980<br />lithograph, ed: 15<br />22 3/8" x 30"<br />TA 86
Terry Allen<br /><em>Family Values (Wallpaper)</em>  1996<br />lithograph and wallpaper, ed: 14/14<br />27 1/4" x 35 3/4"<br />TA 84
Terry Allen<br /><em>Ol' Blue Less</em>  1992<br />lithograph, ed: 18<br />30 1/8" x 39 1/8"<br />TA 67
 Terry Allen<br /><em>Trouble In Paradise</em>  1996<br />pastel, graphite, and colored pencil on paper<br />21 3/4" x 29 1/2"<br />MC 923
Terry Allen<br /><em>A Disappearance of Things</em>  1986<br />etching, ed: XX<br />20 3/8" x 26 7/8"<br />TA 85
Terry Allen<br /><em>China Night</em>  1985<br />lithograph, ed: 75<br />22" x 30"<br />TA 19
Terry Allen<br /><em>The Man Who Dogs Follow Following Dogs</em>  1983<br />lithograph, ed: 30<br />22" x 30"<br />TA 21
Terry Allen<br /><em>Palabras Malo</em>  1989<br />lithograph, ed: 35<br />39" x 30"<br />TA 32
Terry Allen in collaboration with Douglas Kent Hall<br /><em>Positions on the Desert</em>  1990<br />suite of 6 lithographs, ed: 17/30<br />30 3/8" x 39" each<br />TA 87
Terry Allen<br /><em>Family Values (Hair)</em>  1996<br />lithograph over photograph, ed: 16<br />27" x 39"<br />TA 83
Terry Allen<br /><em>The Angel Whispers</em>  1981<br />lithograph, ed: 12/30<br />22" x 30"<br />TA 20
Terry Allen<br /><em>Good Boy</em>  1986<br />mixed media<br />81" x 48 3/4" x 55"<br />TA 28
Terry Allen<br /><em>Ancient ("Dugout" Stage I)</em>  2000-2001<br />mixed media assemblage<br />97" x 96" x 78 1/4" <br />TA 112
Terry Allen<br /><em>Sunset Crater (from Voices in the Wilderness)</em>  1992<br />mixed media<br />41 1/4" x 91" x 5" (drawing only)<br />TA 61
Terry Allen<br /><em>City Of Rocks (From Voices In The Wilderness)</em>  1992<br />mixed media<br />37" x 37" x 5" (drawing only)<br />TA 60
Terry Allen<br /><em>Voices in the Wilderness</em>  1992<br />mixed media w/ video monitor<br />56" X 42 1/2" X 52"<br />TA 66
Terry Allen<br /><em>Shiprock (from Voices in the Wilderness)</em>  1992<br />mixed media<br />49" x 73" x 5" (drawing only)<br />TA 62
Terry Allen<br /><em>Cairo</em>  2002<br />mixed media<br />61" x 49" x 3"
Terry Allen<br /><em>Sea of Amarillo</em>  2002<br />mixed media<br />82" x 117" x 44"
Terry Allen<br /><em>Devolver… Las Sombras</em>  1991<br />mixed media on paper<br />53 1/2" x 129" (4 parts)<br />TA 48
Terry Allen<br /><em>Countree Music</em>  1999<br />Installation, Houston, Texas<br />George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Terry Allen<br /><em>Countree Music</em>  1999<br />Installation, Houston, Texas<br />George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Terry Allen is a visual artist and songwriter who was raised in Lubbock, Texas. He graduated from Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles and has worked as an artist and musician since 1966. He has received numerous awards and honors including a Guggenheim Fellowship and National Endowment for the Art Fellowships; Awards for the Visual Arts (AVA), Washington D.C.; Bessie (New York) and Isadora Duncan (San Francisco) Critic Awards for text, music, sets, costumes for PEDAL STEAL (Margaret Jenkins Dance Co.); AICA Award 2004, 2nd place (International Association of Art Critics) for Best Show in Commercial Gallery, for DUGOUT I, LA Louver Gallery, Venice, CA, curated by Peter Goulds; Induction into the Buddy Holly Walk of Fame in 1992; United States Artists Oliver Fellow, 2009.

His work has been shown throughout the United States and internationally, including Documenta and San Paolo, Paris, Sydney and Whitney Biennales and is represented in major private and public collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art in New York, Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC, The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and L.A. County Museum of Art in Los Angeles, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (MCASD) and Houston & Dallas Museums of Fine Art. His numerous public commissions can be found in such places as L.A.'s Citi-Corps Plaza, San Francisco Moscone Center, The Stuart Collection at UCSD in La Jolla, CA, Oliver Ranch in Sonoma, CA and Denver, Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth Intercontinental airports. His book & theater piece DUGOUT was published in 2005 by the University of Texas Press and an extensive monograph TERRY ALLEN of Allen's work was published in 2010, also by the University of Texas Press, with essays by Dave Hickey, Marcia Tucker and Michael Ventura.