Michael Bise

Michael Bise<br /><em>Uncle Corky's Demons</em>  2021<br />graphite on paper<br />25 3/4" x 20"<br />MB 119
Michael Bise<br /><em>Six Aspects of Lorinda</em>  2019<br />graphite on paper<br />30" x 31 3/4"<br />MB 118
Michael Bise<br /><em>Mirror, Mirror (Blindness)</em>  2018<br />graphite on paper<br />31" x 41 1/4"<br />MB 115
Michael Bise<br /><em>Pregnant Woman</em>  2018<br />graphite on paper<br />29" x 43 1/8"<br />MB 113
Michael Bise<br /><em>Old Man at Death's Door</em>  2018<br />graphite on paper<br />58 1/4" x 39 3/8"<br />MB 117
Michael Bise<br /><em>Gladiolus, a Book, and a Floor Lamp</em>  2017<br />graphite on paper<br />27" x 22 1/4"<br />MB 93
Michael Bise<br /><em>Dressed Up for the Apocalypse</em>  2016<br />graphite on paper<br />12 3/4" x 9 1/8"<br />MB 91
Michael Bise<br /><em>Winter</em>  2015<br />graphite on paper<br />24" x 33 1/2"<br />MB 78
Michael Bise<br /><em>Poor Kathleen</em>  2015<br />graphite on paper<br />40 3/4" x 24 1/8" <br />MB 86
Michael Bise<br /><em>Siren</em>  2015<br />graphite on paper<br />34 1/8" x 35 3/4" <br />MB 85
Michael Bise<br /><em>Jesus Christ!</em>  2014<br />graphite on paper<br />65" x 47" <br />MB 68
Michael Bise<br /><em>24 Portraits</em>  2013<br />graphite on paper<br />49" x 64 1/2" <br />MB 59
Michael Bise<br /><em>Stained Wall</em>  2013<br />graphite on paper<br />49 1/2" x 59 1/4" <br />MB 63
Michael Bise<br /><em>Love in the Kingdom of the Sick</em>  2013<br />lithograph, ed: 10<br />30" x 22 1/4"<br />MB 60
Michael Bise<br /><em>Mom and Dad</em>  2011<br />graphite on paper<br />42" x 42"<br />MB 50
Michael Bise<br /><em>Holly's Backdrop</em>  2011<br />graphite on paper<br />42" x 33 1/2"<br />MB 52
Michael Bise<br /><em>Scale</em>  2009<br />graphite on paper<br />82 1/2" x 42 3/4"<br />MB 41

Michael Bise was born in Flagstaff, Arizona in 1976 and currently lives and works in Houston, Texas. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Texas in 2001 and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Houston in 2005. He is an instructor at the Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and his writing and art criticism can be found on Glasstire.com. Bise has received many awards and honors including The Hunting Art Prize, Houston Arts Alliance Individual Artist Grant, and was an Artadia Finalist. His work can be found in numerous collections including Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Houston Airport System, City of Houston, and Art Museum of Southeast Texas. Bise’s work has been exhibited at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston; Art Museum of Southeast Texas; Art Museum of South Texas; Tyler Museum of Art; Galveston Arts Center; Fort Worth Contemporary Arts at TCU; and McKinney Avenue Contemporary. Bise’s work consists of graphite drawings that combine autobiographical narrative with labor-intensive attention to detail, creating a relationship between personal psychology and formal picture making concerns.

Widow, Moody Gallery 2005
BIRTHDAY, Moody Gallery 2007
Holy Ghosts!, Moody Gallery 2009
Blood Poisoning, Moody Gallery 2011
New Drawings, Moody Gallery 2015
Born Again, Moody Gallery 2016
A Family Comedy, Moody Gallery 2018