William Christenberry

William Christenberry<br /><em>Morning Glory Vine, Early Morning Light, Near Tuscaloosa, Alabama</em>  2004<br />Fuji Crystal Archive print, ed: 2/25<br />20" x 24"<br />WC 110
William Christenberry<br /><em>Red Trailer, Livingston, Alabama</em>  1976 (printed 2003)<br />Brownie, Fuji Crystal Archive print, Ed. 25<br />8" x 10"<br />WC 98
William Christenberry<br /><em>Black Buildings, Newbern, Alabama</em>  2005<br />Fuji Crystal Archive print, ed: 25<br />20" x 24"<br />WC 102
William Christenberry<br /><em>Door of Cotton Warehouse, Selma, Alabama</em>  1979, printed 2000<br />Fuji Crystal Archive print, Ed. 25<br />20" x 24" <br />WC 105
William Christenberry<br /><em>Christmas Ornament, Centreville, Alabama</em>  2000 (Jan. 1), printed 2000<br />Brownie, Fuji Crystal Archive print, Ed. 25<br />8" x 10" <br />WC 93
William Christenberry<br /><em>Signs And Porch, Coleman's Cafe, Greensboro, Alabama</em>  1979 (printed 2003)<br />Brownie, Fuji Crystal Archive print, Ed. 25<br />8" x 10" <br />WC 99
William Christenberry<br /><em>Hubcaps And Fence, Near Tuscaloosa, Alabama</em>  1990 (printed 2004)<br />Brownie, Fuji Crystal Archive print, Ed. 2/25<br />8" x 10"<br />WC 96
William Christenberry<br /><em>Colburn Grocery, Uniontown, Alabama</em>  1977 (printed 2002)<br />Brownie, Fuji Crystal Archive print, ed. 13/25<br />8" x 10"<br />WC 95
William Christenberry<br /><em>Building with False Brick Siding, Warsaw, Alabama</em>  1991 (April), printed 2001 chromogenic print, Ed. 25<br />20" x 24" <br />WC 103
William Christenberry<br /><em>Pear Tree with Storm Cloud, Near Akron, Alabama</em>  2002 (August), printed 2002<br />Fuji Crystal Archive print, Ed. 1/25<br />20" x 24"<br />WC 111
William Christenberry<br /><em>Abandoned Building, Akron, Alabama</em>  2005<br />Fuji Crystal Archive print, ed: 25<br />24" x 20"<br />WC 101
William Christenberry<br /><em>House and Car, Near Akron, Alabama</em>  1978 (printed 2007)<br />Fuji Crystal Archive print, ed: 6/25<br />20" x 24"<br />WC 109
William Christenberry<br /><em>Flowers, Near Morgan Springs, Alabama</em>  1984 (printed 2005)<br />Fuji Crystal Archive print, ed: 25<br />20" x 24"<br />WC 106
William Christenberry<br /><em>Cotton Gin Doors, Havana Junction, Alabama</em>  1981 (printed 2005)<br />Fuji Crystal Archive print, ed: 25<br />20" x 24"<br />WC 104
William Christenberry<br /><em>Front of Tool Shed (Christenberry Family Farm), Near Stewart, Alabama</em>  1977 (printed 2007)<br />Fuji Crystal Archive print, Ed. 25<br />20" x 24"<br />WC 107
William Christenberry<br /><em>Untitled</em>  2005<br />colored pencil on paper<br />40" x 32"<br />WC 115
William Christenberry<br /><em>Untitled (July 17)</em>  July 17, 2005<br />ink on paper<br />40" x 32" <br />WC 113
William Christenberry<br /><em>Untitled</em>  2004 (December 10)<br />German ink on paper<br />40" x 32" <br />WC 116
William Christenberry<br /><em>Night Tree</em>  Jan. 14, 2006<br />ink on blue paper<br />19 3/4" x 13 3/4"<br />WC 89

William A. Christenberry Jr. (November 5, 1936 - November 28, 2016) was a photographer, painter, sculptor, and teacher who drew inspiration from his childhood in Hale County, Alabama. Christenberry focused extensively on architecture, abandoned structures, nature, and extensively studied the psychology and effects of place and memory. He is best known for his haunting compositions of landscapes, signs, and abandoned buildings in his home state. Christenberry is also considered a pioneer of colored photography as an art form; he was especially encouraged in the medium by the likes of Walker Evans and William Eggleston.

Christenberry’s oeuvre consists of drawings, paintings, sculpture, photographs and tableaux. His work has been the subject of dozens of national and international exhibitions and can be found in such permanent collections as the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington DC; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 

Photographs & Drawings, Moody Gallery 2008