Lucas Johnson

Lucas Johnson<br /><em>Starlite Drive In Series</em>  1982<br />oil on canvas<br />48" x 36"<br />MC 531
Lucas Johnson<br /><em>Starlite Drive In Series</em>  1982<br />oil on canvas<br />48" x 36"<br />MC 530
Lucas Johnson<br /><em>Black Mesa II</em>  1985<br />oil and collage on watercolor board<br />30" x 40"<br />MC 964
 Lucas Johnson<br /><i>Volcano Series</i>  1992<br />acrylic on paper<br />11" x 13 3/4"<br />MC 967
Lucas Johnson<br /><em>Untitled (Volcano Series)</em>  1993<br />acrylic on paper mounted on canvas<br />22 3/4" x 30 1/4"<br />MC 637
Lucas Johnson<br /><em>Volcano Series</em>  1992<br />acrylic on paper mounted on canvas<br />14" x 11"<br />MC 907
Lucas Johnson<br /><i>Paricutin</i>  1994<br />acrylic and oil on canvas<br />72" x 96" <br />MC 850
 Lucas Johnson<br /><em>Untitled</em>  1980<br />gouache and watercolor<br />15" x 14"<br />MC 965
Lucas Johnson<br /><i>Two Women in a Boxcar</i>  1970<br />oil on masonite<br />48 1/4" x 48" <br />MC 942
Lucas Johnson<br /><i>City Rain</i>  1990<br />ink, ink wash on paper<br />40" x 60 1/4"<br />LJ 411
Lucas Johnson<br /><i>Playa</i>  1989<br />ink, ink wash on paper<br />40 1/4" x 60"<br />LJ 367
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Volcano and Trapeze</em>  1990 <br />ink, ink wash, gesso on paper <br />60" x 40"<br />LJ 414
Lucas Johnson<br /><em>Aquarium in Alvarado</em>  1988<br />pen and ink on paper<br />31 1/2" x 47 1/2"<br />MC 916
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Structure w/ Predators</em>  1987 <br />pen, ink, latex on paper <br />40 1/4" x 32"<br />MC 879
 Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Below the Bottom Line</em>  1987 <br />pen, ink, latex on paper <br />26" x 40 1/2"<br />MC 878
 Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Chocolate Bayou Bottom</em>  1987 <br />ink, ink wash on paper <br />30 1/4" x 45"<br />MC 852
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Enormous Waterbug</em>  1987 <br />ink on paper <br />40" x 32 1/4" <br />LJ 292
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Springtime in Bolivia</em>  1981 <br />serigraph, ed: 30 <br />22" x 30"<br />LJ 173
Lucas Johnson<br /><i>Velarde</i>  1977<br />lithograph ed: 30<br />15" x 19"<br />LJ 82
Lucas Johnson<br /><i>Untitled</i>  1981<br />lithograph ed: 30<br />30" x 22 1/4"<br />LJ 845
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Velarde II</em>  1978 <br />lithograph, ed: 30  <br />17" x 22"<br />LJ 837
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>La Canova</em>  1977 <br />lithograph, ed: 23/30 <br />22" x 30" <br />LJ 61
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>La Entrada</em>  1977 <br />lithograph, ed: 18/30 <br />19 3/4" x 25"<br />LJ 62
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Los Musicos</em>  1977 <br />lithograph, ed: 8/30 <br />19 1/2" x 25 3/4"<br />LJ 63
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Untitled</em>  1974 <br />lithograph, ed: 10/10 <br />11" x 9 1/4"<br />LJ 27
 Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Lisa's Mountain</em>  1993 <br />etching, aquatint, drypoint, ed: a/p <br />18" x 15 1/2"<br />MC 908
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Jugete (Toy)</em>  1977 <br />lithograph ed: 10/15 <br />15" x 17"<br />LJ 81
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Cactus</em>  1993 <br />etching, drypoint, ed: 2/10 <br />16" x 15 3/8"<br />LJ 527
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Michoacan Landscape</em>  1993 <br />drypoint, ed: 3/10<br />16" x 15 1/2" <br />LJ 525
Lucas Johnson<br /><i>Road to Cholula</i>  1993<br />etching, ed: 151/200<br />15 1/2" x 14 1/2"<br />LJ 817
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Corazon</em>  1993 <br />etching, drypoint, ed: 9/10 <br />18" x 14 3/4" <br />LJ 528
Lucas Johnson<br /><i>Autorretrato</i>  1993<br />drypoint ed: 10<br />11 1/4" x 10 1/2"<br />LJ 522
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Bird Watching</em>  1999 <br />etching, drypoint, mezzotint, ed: 10/15 <br />19" x 15"<br />LJ 774
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Icarus y Su Hijo</em>  1989 <br />etching, ed: 50 <br />11 1/4" x 8 7/8" <br />LJ 318
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Looking for Helicopters</em>  1999 <br />intaglio/etching, drypoint, ed: 5/8 <br />19" x 14 7/8" <br />LJ 816
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Untitled</em>  1999 <br />etching, drypoint, mezzotint, ed: 7/15<br />19" x 15"<br />LJ 773
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Bottomfeeders</em>  1980-93 <br />etching, aquatint, ed: 14/20<br />suite of 4 @ 11" x 9 1/2" each <br />LJ 531
Lucas Johnson <br /><em>Man with Handpainted Tie and Other Landscapes</em>  1993 <br />drypoint, ed: 5/10 <br />suite of 6 @ 11" x 10 1/2" each <br />LJ 524

Lucas Johnson (1940-2002) was born in Hartford, Connecticut and raised in southern California. His work is included in the permanent collections of The Menil Collection, Houston, Texas; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas; Jose Luis Cuevas Museum of Drawings, Mexico, D.F.; Toledo Museum, Oaxaca, Mexico; Museum of Modern Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel; National Museum, Warsaw, Poland; Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York; and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California, to name a few. His work has been exhibited internationally including at the Serpentine Gallery in London in 1987 and has also been included in many museums exhibitions. In 2006 the Houston Artists Fund published the book, The Art and Life of Lucas Johnson with a preface by Walter Hopps, the founding curator of the Menil Collection, an essay by art historian Edmund P. Pillsbury, and a chronology by Patricia Covo Johnson.

Drawings 1971-1990, Moody Gallery 2009
Original Prints, Moody Gallery 2012
Drawings 1987-1997, Moody Gallery 2015