Melissa Miller

Melissa Miller<br /><em>Nighteaters: Shoreline</em>  1985<br />acrylic on paper<br />23" x 29" <br />MC 914
Melissa Miller<br /><em>Moth</em> 2016 <br />gouache and collage on paper <br />86 1/2 x 34"<br />MM 72
Melissa Miller<br /><em>Group</em> 1998<br />oil on canvas<br />22" x 28"<br />MC 935
Melissa Miller<br /><em>Fruit Bats</em>  1986<br />oil on linen<br />18" x 20" <br />MC 894
Melissa Miller<br /><em>Mongoose</em>  2012<br />oil on canvas<br />23 7/8" x 22 1/8" <br />MM 67
 Melissa Miller<br /><em>Night Phenomenon</em>  1996<br />watercolor on paper<br />41 1/2" x 29 1/2" <br />MC 938
Melissa Miller<br /><em>Pods & Ponds (3)</em>  2004<br />gouache on paper<br />14 1/4" x 6 3/4"<br />MM 58
Melissa Miller<br /><em>Elephant</em>  2000<br />gouache on paper<br />7" x 8 1/2"<br />MM 64
Melissa Miller<br /><em>Runners I</em>  1999<br />gouache on paper<br />7" x 9" <br />MC 936
Melissa Miller<br /><em>Tiger/Zebra</em>  1999<br />gouache on paper<br />7" x 9" <br />MC 939
Melissa Miller<br /><em>Big Rocks, Big Birds</em>  1999<br />gouache on paper<br />7" x 9" <br />MC 937
Melissa Miller<br /><em>Fossil</em>  1998<br />lithograph, ed: A/P<br />29" x 21 1/4" <br />MM 11
Melissa Miller<br /><em>Water Spirits</em>  1992<br />etching, ed: 40<br />30 1/4" x 22 1/4" <br />MM 3
Melissa Miller<br /><em>Bear Dreams</em>  1988<br />lithograph, ed: 92/100<br />17" x 13 5/8" <br />MM 2
Melissa Miller<br /><em>Group</em>  1998<br />one-color etching w/ handcoloring, ed: Flatbed V<br />15" x 11" <br />MM 12
Melissa Miller<br /><em>Anima</em>  1996<br />aquatint, line etching, chine colle, ed: 50<br />19 1/8" x 21 3/8" <br />MM 7
Melissa Miller<br /><em>The Temptation of St. Anthony</em>  1991<br />lithograph, ed: 60/81<br />30" x 22 1/4" (image: 20" x 13")<br />MM 4

Miller has shown her artwork extensively throughout the country, including exhibitions at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C.; the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, New York; The Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York; the New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, Louisiana; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, California; The New Museum, New York, New York; the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas; the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas; The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas; and the Dallas Museum of Art, Texas. Miller represented the United States for the 41st Biennale di Venezia and has also exhibited in the prestigious Whitney Biennial.

WORKS ON PAPER, Moody Gallery 2007