Luis Jimenez

Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Study for Woman with Cat</em>  1969<br />colored pencil drawing<br />19" x 25"<br />MC 1007
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Southwest Pieta</em>  1983<br />lithograph, ed: 49/50<br />30" x 44"<br />MC 992
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Sodbuster</em>  1983<br />lithograph, ed: 19/50<br />32" x 45"
 Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Quetzalcoatl</em>  1997<br />colored pencil on paper with feathers and ribbon with wood structure<br />62 1/2" x 30" x 1 1/2"<br />MC 968
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Self Portrait</em>  1995<br />soft ground etching and spit bite aquatint, ed: 50<br />53 3/4" x 40 3/8"<br />LAJ 105
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Out of the West</em>  1996<br />crayon on paper<br />33” x 45”
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Texas Waltz</em> 1985<br />lithograph, ed: 38/50<br />48" x 31 1/2" <br />LAJ 7
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Baile con La Talaca (Dance with Death)</em>  1983<br />lithograph, ed: 9/100<br />39" x 26 3/4"<br />LAJ 6
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Jimenez at Adeliza's Candy Store</em>  1983<br />lithograph, ed: 40<br />30" x 22 1/4"<br />MC 994
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Rodeo Queen</em>  1981<br />lithograph with glitter, ed: 15/50, 19/50<br />42 1/2" x 29"<br />MC 971
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Dance at the Wool Growers Association</em>  1979<br />lithograph, ed: 250<br />19 1/4" x 25"<br />MC 719
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Rodeo Queen</em>  1976<br />lithograph, trial proof<br />35 1/2" x 23 1/2"<br />MC 867
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Topless Go-Go Dancer</em>  1975<br />colored pencil on paper<br />39 1/2" x 27 3/4"<br />MC 889
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Abu Ghraib</em>  2008<br />stone lithograph, ed: 41<br />40" x 52"<br />LAJ 269
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Abu Ghraib Study</em>  2008<br />stone lithograph. ed: 60<br />11" x 12 1/2"<br />LAJ 270
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Raven Skull</em>  1998<br />soft ground etching, ed: 75<br />15" x 11"<br />LAJ 136
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>The Mares</em>  1998<br />soft ground etching, ed: 60<br />15" x 11"<br />LAJ 135
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Annie</em>  1998<br />soft ground etching, ed: 30<br />15" x 11"<br />LAJ 138
Luis Jiménez<br /><em>Adan</em>  1998<br />soft ground etching, ed: 30<br />15" x 11"<br />LAJ 137

Luis Jimenez (1940-2006) was born in El Paso, Texas and died in Hondo, New Mexico where, in 2006, he was tragically killed in an accident in his studio when working on the 32 foot sculpture Blue Mustang, a commission for the Denver Airport. He received a Bachelor of Science, Art, and Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin in 1964. He was an accomplished artist and is most widely known for his large and colorful fiberglass sculptures. Much of his work deals with social and political issues and explores the cultures and legends of both Mexico and the United States.  His work has been shown at museums throughout the United States, and his work is part of the permanent collections of the Centro Cultural Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York, Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York National, Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C., and the Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, D.C., as well as many others. Selected public commissions can be found in Albuquerque, Cleveland, New York, El Paso, Denver, and Pittsburgh, among other cities. 

Prints, Drawings & Sculptures, Moody Gallery 2015
Selected Works , Moody Gallery 2019